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Spot A Date undertakes a range of marketing to promote our products and services. To do this, we use customer data as outlined in our Privacy policy. We use a range of channels and work with a number third parties. 


Press may contact us via email at with any enquiries. We will occasionally release Press Statements through PressWire. We all provide information pieces on request for Press publications. 

Social Media 

You can find Spot A Date on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. We may also use TikTok and YouTube to reach our audience. 

We also work with our b2b partners and are featured on their social media platforms. Newsletters 

We’ll send newsletters to our customers. You can also join by request by emailing us at 

We also work with our b2b partners and feature in their mailing lists. 

Paid advertising 

Spot A Date displays paid ads on search engines, websites and social media. It also published adverts in newspapers, magazines and in-venue. Please do not contact us to sell Advertising at this point. 


If you have any enquiries related to our marketing efforts, please email us at

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